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Top 5 mistakes you're making with management training

What are the top mistakes companies make when it comes to management training? I see these repeated again and again across a variety of sectors.

1. They just don't provide it. They grow quickly with people getting promoted from within and everything's fine. Until it isn't. And looking back there are always signs, but they get ignored in getting all the day to day tasks done.

2. They do it once and never repeat it. 'Oh I did that years ago'. Yes, but staff change and unless you keep going over the material it will get forgotten. Also, do you use it?

3. It's a tick box exercise with someone coming in to deliver a few days of training which is never discussed again. The learning needs to be digested, reflected on and PRACTICED. No one is born knowing how to lead a team. It needs to be part of meetings, appraisals and the company language.

4. Following on from number 3, the teams don't get the time to look over the material and see how best they can apply it. The shiny workbook gets flung in a drawer and forgotten. The best workplaces I've been in had copies of the material in the office and staff waiting to read it and then talk about it.

5. It's delivered as a 'teach' with lots of information being thrown around. Yes, some concepts and techniques will go from the trainer to the team but most of the learning comes from the room itself. The people in the room know the individuals who work there, the company culture and how the business runs. The trainer is there to facilitate great discussion and help bring this out.

If you recognise any of this in your organisation and want to rectify it, get in touch.

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