Temporary Roles: Where to find them and how to secure one

There may come a point during your job search where you decide to look for a temporary job. Maybe you need to buy some time from a financial point of view or are struggling mentally without work and decide to take something to see you through.

But where do you find these roles and how should you approach applying for them?

Firstly, search using the keywords 'temporary jobs' on sites like Indeed. This brings up a range of production, driving and retail jobs, as well as roles in care and customer service.

Supermarkets are also recruiting high numbers of people and many recruit direct. Try for Tesco and Indeed for Asda and Morrisons. Staffline recruit for Morrisons warehouse roles here and here are the links for Sainsburys, Cooperative and Warehouse/John Lewis roles.

Amazon will need extra capacity with the new national lockdown. Find roles here and also Royal Mail need 33,000 extra staff this year. Apply here

Depending on your location many agencies will be looking for temp staff just now. Allstaff, Pertemps, Staffinders, Office Angels, Search, Blue Arrow, Adecco, Maxwell Bruce, Driver Hire, Reed and Kelly are all worth a try depending on your skills. I'd try to call and speak to someone to discuss your experience and the sorts of candidates they are looking for. Remember that this call is with a gatekeeper so treat them accordingly.

Securing one of these roles is often as much about availability and being in the right place at the right time but if you were previously in a very senior role it's a good idea to remove achievements from your CV for these roles as you will most likely be viewed as overqualified. (I'm not saying that this is right, just that it's likely!)

I'd advise on honesty in this case and saying that you were looking for something for now that uses your skillset and allows you to work/contribute at this time and that you are totally happy to take instruction in order to get the job done.

Remember, it's not for ever it's just for now and get in touch if you need help with this. You'll find me at

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