LinkedIn for Jobseekers Part 1

How to use LinkedIn to help you to find a new role

Gone are the days when it was sensible or advisable to just trawl through lots of adverts looking for roles. Of course job sites should be one of the things you use but LinkedIn is an absolutely crucial tool if you are looking for work in 2020. There are so many new features available and you can connect with so many people who can help and support you.

Here are some tips to help you to use it to your best advantage.

1. Make your headline work for you. You have 120 characters so let them do the talking. The first part should relect the role you have had most recently or would like to go in to next. If you are a Business Development Manager, your headline could be 'Business Development Professional| Strategic Growth| Stakeholder Management| Results Driven| Seeking new opportunities' so that you are searchable by recruiters, show what you can do and are letting others know that you are available.

2. Under the Headline is your 'About' section. It's a good idea to use the personal profile/key skills/achievements sections of your (up to date) CV to populate this to highlight what you can bring to employers. Think about years of service, specialist training and what you have brought to previous businesses.

3. Below this is the 'Experience' section. Here you can use the parts of your CV relating to different job roles to populate the sections, again highlighting your skills and experience in a way that will attract employers.

4. Under this are sections for Education and also Skills and Endorsements. There are plenty to choose from and they can be useful as a way of think about your transferable attributes. People can also endorse you for these but I am not sure of how much value this is as I have endorsments from people I've never met, as well as some from people who actually know what I can do!

5. To add connections who you want to see and be seen by, go to the bar on the left that says 'find people, jobs and more' Click into it then hit 'people', 'connections' and choose '2nd connections', then apply

Then go to locations and type in your location and apply

Then hit 'all filters' and scroll down to 'industry' and hit the industry you want to get in to or 'staffing and recruiting' to find recruiters and you will get lists of people. Hit 'connect' to add them and then they will be able to see you and you them. You can add approx 50 people a day but this varies. I just add people until it stops me from doing so.

I hope this is helpful and look out for more tips next week.

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