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Keeping the wheels turning in your business during Covid 19

Updated: Apr 15

Since this has all started, I've found myself giving ideas and motivation to other business owners who are trying to keep the wheels turning.

It's not what I do normally but I've realised that it's not so far away from any of my other work, which is all about seeing what people CAN do instead of what they can't. It's amazing watching business owners go from saying 'I can't do anything' to 'I can't do what I normally do but I do have something to offer my customer'

Here are some of the tips business owners have been finding most useful:

1. People are still spending! It's a myth that they're not. Yes, lots are out of work which is awful but there are huge groups of people who are still working full time but no longer have travel costs and are better off than before. Also many furloughed workers are no worse off without their travel expenses and buying lunches and coffees at work. 2.People genuinely want their favourite businesses to be here when this is over so lots are still paying, ordering from local shops and buying vouchers where they can. 3. Folk will pay well to keep their kids entertained, so if you can come up with a product that does this then it's likely to do well.

4. Don't feel guilty about selling luxury items. People still want to treat themselves and also to mark occasions. Homewares and premium skincare is selling well right now. 5. Stay visible. It's fine to say that you dont know what to say but keep talking. People are online more than ever and want to hear and see helpful content and positivity. Can you share inspiration, suggestions and educational information to help people now or when this is over? 6. Some people may well be looking to be productive and want to learn something new or do something interesting. What can you sell that allows them to do that? Challenges, Ebooks and courses can all be set up and sold easily through sites like 7. If you genuinely cant sell anything online could you become an affiliate for someone who does? 8. Can you offer a subscription or membership for people who share your interests? For example if you are in travel, could you start a Facebook group for those who love travel and then offer them access to a paid membership area where you give hints and tips and offer discounts or upgrades. These people will become your tribe and will buy from you more easily if you have something to offer.

9. Can you work out what IS selling. Butchers, bakers and greengrocers who are offering delivery are doing really well. Majestic and Oddbins had to halt online orders as they were so busy (don't ask how I know!) and I've heard from reliable sources that lovely candles are going well as people want their homes to smell great and to mark the difference between day and night. People are doing work in their houses and gardens. Can you tap into any of this?

10. What emotions are people feeling? People are missing loved ones and feeling uncertain. Anything that connects people or helps with this will be greatly appreciated.

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