Get ahead by doing your research BEFORE you apply for a role

I know, I know you always look at the website before an interview but this is about doing a quick bit of research before you even apply.

I googled a company I was helping a client to apply for a role with the other day. I found out that: It's a family run business They have grown since Covid They plan to grow further and grow their business by a particular % by 2022

I found this out just by googling the company name and a few recent articles popped up. It took me about 15 seconds and that meant that we could reference these points in the cover letter as the client has experience of growing family businesses and could assist them in the same way.

Another client I am working with is going for a role with a company with a pretty stretching global growth target. She's added £19M to a global business before so again, we were able to reference this.

Really quick and simple and let's you show how you are the right candidate in the covering letter.

Give this one a go and let me know how you get on.

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