Competency Based Interviews and the STAR technique

Updated: Apr 15

You may have had an invite to a competency based interview. You may have heard of them or of STAR technique, or this may be completely new to you. It's a really common interview technique so it's really a must to know it and to be able to structure interview and application answers in this way.

Employers use it as the theory goes, if you've done it before you can do it again for them.

It generally sounds like 'Tell me a time' or 'Give me an example' and they are looking for a SPECIFIC example from your career or voluntary work/study. These are particularly common for public service roles but also across many other industries.

When you hear a version of this, or if you are specifically told that you will be asked competency based questions, this is the time to use the STAR technique.

This stands for: