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Hello from Grow

The Grow Consultancy offers training and facilitation services in the Glasgow area. I also offer mentoring to individuals who are looking to change careers and gain new employment. If you run a training provider or employability business, please see the relevant page for information.


Solutions for Individuals

Support That Makes a Difference


Work It! Power Hour

Work not working out? Out of work or dreading Monday? I can help

Maybe you have been in a job forever and are not feeling it any more but have no CV or no idea what an interview might look like. Where do you even start?

Maybe you're out of work and thinking about options but have no idea what you are able to do and where to find it.

With a background in both management and employability, I know exactly what todays' employers are looking for. 

In just 60 minutes I will help you to get the job of your dreams whether that's by tweaking your CV, getting those tricky interview questions worked out or showing your where to start finding a job that makes you look forward to going to work. 

I'll also introduce you to my contacts in recruitment and industry who can help you further.

All this is available for an investment of just £99. 

Don't waste another weekend dreading Monday, hit the button below and I'll be in touch to book in your slot. 

About Me

With 11 years experience in managing teams, I am passionate about helping businesses to have happy and healthy staff through training and facilitation. I offer practical solutions to problems and make training interesting and interactive.

I have helped over 275 people into work through my work in employability and love helping people to secure sustainable roles that they love. 


Solutions for Businesses

Support That Gets Results

SQA Awards

Looking to reward, develop and retain staff? I can deliver nationally recognised qualifications to progress staff and increase engagement and performance. I am also an SQA verifier and can authenticate the work of assessors. I have occupational competence in many areas including retail, business admin, travel and tourism, customer service and management. Prices vary depending on the industry and level of qualification required.

Leadership Training

Are you a senior manager or HR professional with responsibility for organising staff training? My Engaging Leadership programme will enable staff to step up and lead teams, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business. This is priced at £750 for a full day, plus £50 per hourfor follow up calls to support the learning.


Wellbeing Without the Waffle

With 59% of staff absence being attributed to stress, what are you doing to ensure your staff stay healthy and able to come to work? This 90 minute workshop will provide you with the tools to identify poor staff wellbeing and the know-how to to start to deal with it before it becomes a huge problem. A great, interactive session for a managers meeting, it can also be delivered to staff to allow them to manage their own wellbeing and identify issues early. This workshop can be delivered to up to 10 people and is priced at £150 for the session.


Bespoke Delivery and Design

I can create and deliver training sessions to suit your needs. Please get in touch to discuss requirements. Prices are £750 for a full day and £350 for a half days delivery, plus £350 per day for design.


Rave Reviews

Attended Laurie’s recent one-day course which changed my outlook and my approach to difficult situations. Would definitely recommend for those newer to leadership and management roles.

Jordan Kirkwood

I attended the Stepping into Management course today and left with a completely different mindset on managing an office and handling difficult situations. Laurie has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of management, leadership and the ability to transform a business. I'm looking forward to putting into practice the suggestions from today and would definitely recommend The Grow Consultancy.

Kim McKenzie

Laurie of the Grow Consultancy provided fun, informative and interactive training on our personal leadership/management styles. Exploring strengths and potential weaknesses with ways to overcome them to help lead a more effective team. I would recommend The Grow Consultancy to anyone looking to develop good working teams.

Eilidh Crawford


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